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Believing in lies is what keeps us all in slavery. Trouble is, most don't even know they are being lied to. My wont is to bust those lies wide-open for any who care about these things. Some do... some don't. Some are just happy living in never-never land!

June 08, 2005

Bush and Blair DENY Downing Street Memo

Nothing recent has touched of such a firestorm of controversy as the revelation of a memo of a meeting in Britain of it's intelligence chief and Tony Blair who was being briefed regarding the plans of the US to invade Iraq.

This memo has apparently caused more than a slight problem for the current administrations of both countries, as it is the first documented evidence that Bush was lying about nearly everything he said during the run-up to the Iraq invasion. Recently Bush and Blair publicly denied that any of it was true on national TV.

Do you think we should believe what they are saying?

Every time I put '2 and 2 together', it comes out '4'.

How good is your 'addition'?


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