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September 21, 2005

WHO the Terrorosts in Iraq really are

We are all constantly being bombarded with words such as "insurgents, terrorists, jihadists" and so on and so forth on a daily basis. What if this is mostly a giant illusion being foisted onto a gullible public who really have little factual data available to them from inside Iraq, and actually from most anywhere!

This article found at Signs of the Times illustrates how continuous 'war' is being maintained in Iraq so as to justify the presence of troops there:

Iraq police militants 'must go'
Wednesday, 21 September 2005
BBC News

"Rogue elements" in Iraq's police force must be rooted out, the head of the multi-national force in Basra has said.

Colonel Bill Dunham told BBC Radio 4's Today programme he wants to work with Iraqi authorities "to weed them out".

This comes after the British Army said it had to rescue two of its soldiers after they were arrested in Basra and handed to Shia militants by police.

UK defence chief John Reid is to discuss Basra tensions when he meets Iraqi prime minister Ibrahim Jaafari.

Chief of staff Col Dunham told BBC News of the need to "reinforce the good parts" of Iraq's police service.


Iraqi interior minister Baqir Solagh Jabr has disputed the British military's account of how it freed the captured soldiers on Monday.

He told BBC News the men never left police custody or the prison building in Basra, were not handed to militants and that the British Army acted on "rumour" when it stormed the prison looking for them.

The army says it rescued the soldiers from a house in Basra where they were taken by militants after the police ignored an order from the interior ministry to release them.

The Iraqi government has launched an inquiry into events surrounding the arrest of the soldiers, both thought to be members of the SAS elite special forces.

Iraq's national security advisor, Muwafaq al-Rubaie has admitted security forces and police in "many parts of Iraq" had been penetrated by insurgents.

He told the BBC's Newsnight programme Iraq now had "a very scrupulous, very meticulous vetting procedure" to "clean our security forces, as well as stop any penetration in future from the insurgents or the terrorists".

He conceded he did not know the extent of the infiltration.

But he criticised the use of force in British operation to free the captured soldiers, saying: "They could have been freed in a much more peaceful, much more friendly and amicable way than that."

Tory MP Desmond Swayne, a territorial army officer who has served in Iraq, welcomed the recognition that the police had been infiltrated, saying: "We did all know it was going on."

"There has to be a much more concerted effort to purge the security forces and to ensure that they are properly trained."

Mazin Younis, chairman of the Iraqi League in Britain, described Monday's operation as a "mess".

He told BBC News: "We are an occupying force in Basra. We took authority. We have been there enjoying a couple of years of quiet, no insurgency.

"There wasn't a single reconstruction project in Basra. People... put a lot of faith in us. But we offered them nothing, absolutely nothing. And now we have started dealing with them as an enemy."

Comment: Ah yes, the sanitization of the news. Yesterday, in the initial hours after the event, several reports cited the fact that the two British agents wore full Arab dress, were driving a car full of explosives, and shot dead two Iraqi policemen. Today the story has been effectively spun in such a way as to present the Iraqi police as the bad guys.

What seems to be clear now is that the two British agents were on a covert mission to plant a "suicide car bomb" when they were apprehended by Iraqi police who were just fulfilling their specified role of attempting to stop such attacks. When cornered, the British agents shot two policemen and were then arrested.

Naturally, the British government was extremely concerned that these two men not be interrogated and risk the exposure of the reality of who is behind many of the terror attacks in Iraq (and by implication many other so called terror attacks around the world).

So, the British military spin machine went into action.

By claiming that the men had been handed over to "insurgents" the British military could plausibly claim that men needed to be "rescued" rather than face the consequences of their actions. The fact that the Iraqi interior minister has made it clear that this claim is completely untrue and that the men were being held by official Iraqi authorities the entire time appears to be irrelevant to most mainstream news outlets. Of course, this is merely more evidence for the fact that the mainstream media CANNOT be trusted and that the discerning news readers would do well to look elsewhere, to those news sites that are not comprised by their allegiance to 'big business' or 'big government', for their daily dose of reality.


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