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October 06, 2005

Advanced Technology of a Secret Nature

There was a recent exchange on the Signs of the Times guest-book which was very interesting. It seems there is technology, and then there is 'technology'!

We have all been 'brought up' believing there is only one type of this technology - that which uses the resultants of our 'science'. It is VERY likely, though, that this science which we are all so enamoured of and assume is the 'be all and end all' may not actually be as much as we think it to be. It is likely that our science has been diverted and controlled in ways which have prevented it from actually coming to conclusions about our world which those 'in power' here do not want us all to know about, as this would loosen their iron-grip upon us and conceivably allow many of us to 'escape'!

Here is the exchange... make of it what you will:

Entry No: 3209
Posted: Mon 26 Sep 2005, 18:16pm
Name: Gab
Location: Argentina

To SOTT Team: I noted the following date: 01-18-03 and 8-17-03:


Q: (L) We are a little bit curious about the strange weather. Is this the
beginning of the ice age?

A: It is a precursor.


Q: (L) I don't think that was one of your options. (A) well, someone on the
physics newsgroups was discussing this, so maybe it is a confirmation. (L)
Look! It's raining. (After months of extraordinary heat and many deaths,
rain was significant.)

Q: (A) So we can ask then about this weather breakthrough yesterday, is it a
sign of a break through in our own situation?

A: One day there will be sheets of rain. <<

Me: Does that mean that there were sessions after 2002?


Webmaster Comments:

Yes, there are sessions from 2003, 2004, and continuing in 2005. However,
the focus has developed dramatically and intensified. As many of our readers
know, Laura is now working directly with Patrick Riviere, student of Eugene
Canseliet, the student of the legendary alchemist, Fulcanelli.

You can be sure, however, that everything of importance to the readers,
Laura makes available as soon as she can, and any significant clues that can
be shared without risk are shared. But after all her experiences with
COINTELPRO in the U.S., the attacks on her character, family, health, and
her very life, it has become necessary to exercise great care.

You may wish to read Laura's article on Fulcanelli here:
for some idea of the current direction.

Regarding Laura's work, Patrick has written in his Preface to Laura's book
"The Secret History of The World" - available at Red Pill Press:

This book of revolutionary importance is essential reading.

With this original work, Laura Knight-Jadczyk shares with us her prodigious
discoveries that put into question History as well as our habitual
observations concerning the myth of the “Grail”. She does this by revisiting
the Bible and comparative mythology, looking closely into parallel universes
and hyperspace, and penetrating into quantum physics, genetics, and the
mysteries of the diverse creations populating the hyperdimensions of the

Throughout her exposé, Laura Knight-Jadczyk refers to two powerful works of
the scientist-alchemist Fulcanelli: The Mystery of the Cathedrals and
Dwellings of the Philosophers. She applies her vast knowledge to the
continuation of his work.

Thus, following in the footsteps of Fulcanelli (citing Huysmans) when he
denounces the constant lies and omissions from official History over the
course of time, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, citing numerous examples, exposes the
manipulations in the official history of ancient civilizations of which
humanity is the victim. She strives to re-establish the truth, and her
answers are often enlightening.

According to Laura Knight-Jadczyk, the mysteries of the Holy Grail and the
Ark of the Temple refer to a particular, very advanced “technology” – with
the aim, for example, of teleportation and changing between space-time
dimensions – a secret and sacred science of which only a few great
“Initiates” have remained custodians. Christ Jesus was the surest guarantor
of this precious legacy, and, although it might displease Dan Brown (author
of The DaVinci Code), the genealogical lineage of the “Sangréal” (the “Sang
Royal” or “Holy Blood”), is not at all as he believes it to be! The reader
of this important work by Laura Knight-Jadczyk will realize that there are
completely different conclusions to that mystery.

Her erudition cannot but impress the reader during the course of an
assiduous reading of this quite astonishing book. As to her inspiration,
what can we say, and, from whence could it come, if not the Light of the

Patrick Rivière

Patrick Rivière is a writer and author of numerous works that have been
published in France and that have been translated and published in many
languages. He is a specialist on the “Grail” (On the Paths of the Grail) and
of Alchemy following the path of Fulcanelli (Fulcanelli Revealed), two works
soon to be published by Red Pill Press.


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